Meditate. Find Peace. Draw Energy.

Gabriela Baumgartner

  • Meditation in daily life: transporting the spirit into the here and now
  • Learn from the great Himalayan masters: meditation exercises explained step by step
  • Including a training plan for day-to-day practice
ISBN: 978-3-03902-103-1
Cover: Hardcover
Extent: 256 pages
Weight: 667 g
Format: 15.5 cm x 23.5 cm
35 colour photos, word count: 38,877
Right sold: All rights available
25,00 EUR

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Never before has there been such a vivid interest in meditation and awareness. In our high speed and performance-oriented society many people start questioning the meaning of life. They long for inner peace and search for a path to find themselves. Meditation helps us calm down and get a better sense of our personality. The book by SRF editor Gabriela Baumgartner presents exercises that serve as a guide on the road to calmness. Almost all meditation and awareness methods originate in Buddhist teachings. They show the way out of the painful cycle of our existence – and the tool for this is meditation, i.e. training of the spirit. The book explains a variety of methods from simple breathing techniques to Tibetan meditations. All of these are explained in detail, step by step, and complemented with background information and tips on how to translate the effects of meditation into daily life.Gabriela Baumgartneris a lawyer and editor for the programmes »Espresso« and »Kassensturz« by Swiss Radio and Television (SRF). She is trained in Buddhist psychology and spiritual coaching and used to work as a meditation instructor and teacher of Tibetan Lu Jong Yoga at Rikon Tibet Institute. She organises evening meditation sessions in Zurich.Photos: Veronika Studer and others