A Praise of All Things Plain

Malte Härtig

  • Discovering the essential in the ordinary. The wisdom and beauty of our everyday cooking
  • What have French fries got to do with Japanese culture?
  • A little life education on culinary mindfulness
ISBN: 978-3-03800-035-8
Cover: Gebunden
Extent: 152 pages
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Format: 12 cm x 19 cm
colour illustrations, embossed linen, ribbon, Word Count: 29,900
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Most people hardly pay attention to the food they consume day by day. They often eat it en passant, without giving it any thought. Yet it is exactly these simple, everyday food items - bread, pork, or fries - that lead the way to a different approach, to the realization that these simple things are extremely valuable. What is more, they carry within them an intrinsic, natural beauty and wisdom. But because they are so common, nobody will notice this at first glance. It requires an attentive and mindful attitude, a willingness to turn towards the essence of ordinary everyday things. This attitude can be found in Japanese culture, especially in Japanese cooking and tea ceremonies. If we look at our own eating culture through this lens, we will discover novelty in the ordinary, the unexpected in the seemingly simple, a wisdom of life in the things we consume day by day. This contemplation of our eating habits will open new dimensions to the way we think, act, and relish. Malte HärtigChef, philosopher, and Japan expert. Japanese food culture and Zen Buddhism were the subjects of his doctoral dissertation.

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