Pagan Christmas

Christian Rätsch, Claudia Müller-Ebeling

  • The archaic, pagan roots of Christmas
  • Origin and significance of typical Christmas plants and traditions
  • Recipes for rituals, incense rites, spices, and beverages
ISBN: 978-3-03800-042-6
Cover: Gebunden
Extent: 200 pages
Format: 15.5 cm x 23 cm
Colour photos and illustrations
Available: 09/2019
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Christmas is originally a pagan feast, that was gradually transformed by late antique, ancient Oriental, and catholic liturgical rituals. It celebrates the rebirth of the sun, the Twelve Days, the turn of the year, various gods and ghosts. Christmas rituals use a colourful variety of domestic and exotic plants, spices from the Orient and the New World, oriental and nordic incense, Northern and tropical fruits, flowers and ornamental plants from the Rainforest, desert, or mountains. The mythology of typical Christmas plants dates back to the early cultures of Shamanism, to the sacred botany of the Elders, to Medieval rites and witchcraft, to the banishing of demons, and to rituals of fertility and sacrifice. Featuring numerous recipes for incense, smokable herb mixtures, spices, and beverages. Christian Rätsch Ethnologist and ethno-pharmacologist, lecturer, and author, studied Native American Studies, ethnology, and folklore. Many years of research on Shamanic cultures worldwide and their use of psychoactive plants.

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