LouMalou - Relaxed cooking

Nadja Zimmermann

  • TV personality Nadja Zimmermann can do the trick: minimal effort for maximum result
  • How to create healthy quality dishes even if you can spare little time for cooking
  • LouMalou's family cuisine for any occasion. 100 recipes for everyday use that suit super-busy parents
ISBN: 978-3-03800-055-6
Cover: Gebunden
Extent: 224 pages
Weight: 971 g
Format: 19 cm x 26 cm
125 colour photos Word Count: 26,338
Right sold: All rights available
29,00 EUR

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Busy, hard-working, and multitasking parents rarely can afford leisurely spent hours in the kitchen. Nadja Zimmermann, well-known for her former role as radio and television host, publisher of a successful food blog, and herself a super-busy mother of two, offers relief through this book. 100 everyday recipes for situations we all know just too well: you are running late or do not feel like cooking at all, feel the need to urgently strengthen your immune system, or decide to cook more vegetarian food. The kids demand child-friendly dishes, while you are supposed to contribute with something homemade for the odd school event or barbecue with friends. The chapters focus on 10 real life situations of this kind and offer matching, uncomplicated recipes. True to the leitmotif of this book: minimal effort, maximum result. Simple, easy and healthy. Nadja Zimmermann Previously a Swiss radio and television host and producer, she now works as a columnist, freelance writer, successful food blogger, and is the author of three cookbooks. Mother of two children. Photos: Adrian Portmann

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