Gesa Sander, Julia Hoersch

  • How to make children discover the joy and fun of gardening
  • Playful work activities in the garden, on the balcony, and on the window sill
  • Including experiments, handicraft projects, and recipes
Deutscher Gartenbuchpreis 2019
ISBN: 978-3-03800-069-3
Cover: Gebunden
Extent: 184 pages
Weight: 800 g
Format: 19 cm x 25 cm
Approx. 120 colour photos and illustrations Word Count: 20,764
Right sold: All rights available
25,00 EUR

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With loving attention to detail and beautiful photos, this book will make kids discover the joy and fun of gardening. It arouses their curiosity, makes them observe and wonder. Using thoroughly selected types of vegetable and fruit, herbs, and flowers, the book explains the life cycle of plants, their characteristics, and needs in a most entertaining and child-friendly way. It encourages kids to dig in the earth, sow and hack, multiply shoots, do dyeing experiments and handicrafts with natural materials, build a hotel for insects, and prepare delicious dishes from the fruits and vegetables they harvest with their own hands. You don't even need to have a garden, as most of the projects can be carried out with a flower pot on the balcony or the window sill. With a host of kids-friendly garden projects, creative ideas, as well as handicraft and DIY instructions this book helps young gardeners discover the exciting world of the garden. Gesa Sander Freelance illustrator and graphic designer in Hamburg. Her drawings are featured in books and magazines, on tableware and paper craft. Mother of two children. Julia Hoersch Freelance food and lifestyle photographer in Hamburg, works for renowned magazines and book publishers.

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