Forest is good for you!

Karin Greiner, Martin Kiem

  • The forest: a source of energy. Relax, slow down, recharge, and sharpen the senses
  • With numerous photos and practical exercises
  • Karin Greiner is an expert for Bayerischer Rundfunk
ISBN: 978-3-03800-073-0
Cover: Gebunden
Extent: 264 pages
Weight: 998 g
Format: 19.5 cm x 26.5 cm
261 colour photos Word Count: 70,058
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25,00 EUR

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The forest is beneficial for us, we feel it intuitively. Why is that so? How come a walk in the forest is the best way to let go and recuperate? This book offers spectacular insights on forests and trees and explains the particularities of the forest atmosphere. Forest bathing - it means diving into the green ocean, swimming in blissful silence, immersing in the scent of resin, sinking into the depth of our inside, letting spirit and emotions drift, cleansing the psyche. The forest, our ancient home, is a wonderful place, stimulating to the senses and ideal for recreation. There is proof that even a short stroll through the forest will reduce stress, strengthen the immune system, and foster inner resilience. Accompanied by fascinating photos, numerous suggestions, and various exercises that teach us how to sharpen our senses in the forest, how to slow down and become attentive so the forest experience can unfold its holistic effects. Karin Greiner Certified biologist, lecturer of herb pedagogy, folk medicine, and various nature topics, longtime plant expert for Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Broadcasting). Author of numerous books, including »Trees - in Alternative Medicine and in the Kitchen«, published by AT Verlag. Martin Kiem Psychologist and coach in wellbeing. Training in nature and forest therapy, biofeedback, food coaching. Practitioner and lecturer in meditation and attentiveness. Photos: Martina Weise

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