Healing Plants for Women

Margret Madejsky

  • The ultimate guide on healing herbs for women. Based on the latest research findings
  • 120 herbs for women, featuring 200 recipes and numerous practical tips
  • Health guide and reference book for any woman - comprehensive, practical, compact
ISBN: 978-3-03800-129-4
Cover: Broschur mit Klappe
Extent: 248 pages
Weight: 702 g
Format: 16.8 cm x 23.6 cm
155 colour photos Word Count: 68,432
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19,00 EUR

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Over the past decades, a number of healing plants have found their way to gynaecologist and midwife practices. Antibiotic herbs such as camomile and nasturtium or hormone-like plants such as agnus castus and silver torch have secured their spots in women's medicine and midwifery. But the realm of plants harbours many more healing herbs that offer relief and healing effects for several women's diseases. This book is a thorough introduction to naturopathic medicine for women. It explains the most interesting hormone-like effects of healing plants, portrays 120 women's herbs, and offers over 200 reliable recipes and numerous practical hints. Also, it combines more than 25 years of practical experience in women's healing with recent findings of plant research. A valuable reference book for therapists and an indispensable practical guide for women of all age groups who suffer from various diseases or who are interested in naturopathic medicine. Margret Madejsky Naturopathic therapist and co-founder of Natura Naturans, a working group for traditional occidental medicine. Naturopathic treatments for women are focal points of her practice and teaching activity. Author of several reference books on healing herb medicine for women.

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