Gemmotherapy in Paediatrics

Chrischta Ganz, Louis Hutter

  • The extraordinary power of buds in paediatrics
  • 50 reliable cures for acute and chronic diseases
  • comprehensive guide not only for therapists - With a useful index of indications, suggested treatments, and instructions on how to prepare bud extracts
ISBN: 978-3-03800-966-5
Cover: Gebunden
Extent: 208 pages
Weight: 747 g
Format: 17 cm x 24 cm
80 colour photos, 4 illustrations
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Gemmotherapy makes use of the powerful vital energy found in buds, shoot tips, and seedlings. The extracts made from these have amazingly strong healing powers. Bud extracts are particularly popular in paediatrics. They prove effective both with acute and chronic illnesses, foster development, offer protection, and serve as companions. Children happily take plant extracts as they taste slightly sweet - and probably also because children intuitively feel that this type of medication has exceptional beneficial healing and regenerating powers. The authors, both of them experienced naturopathic practitioners, present about 50 buds relevant for paediatrics. Including a practical index of indications, treatment suggestions for the most common types of complaints, as well as instructions on how to prepare extracts. Chrischta GanzNaturopath running her own practice. Lecturer on phytomedicine, general naturopathy, and traditional European naturopathy. Louis HutterNaturopath running his own practice. Lecturer on phytotherapy, gemmotherapy, traditional European naturopathy, and traditional Chinese medicine. Photos: Adrian Gerber

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