City Goat

Julia Hofstetter

  • Goat breeding and creative adventures in the city
  • Expeditions with children in urban spaces
  • Crafting, cooking, creating, and gardening. An adventurous trip and practical guide
ISBN: 978-3-03800-969-6
Cover: Gebunden
Extent: 128 pages
Weight: 595 g
Format: 20 cm x 23 cm
Numerous colour photos and illustrations
Right sold: All rights available
25,00 EUR

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Of course they all have boots. And usually a coat. And horns. And a beard. And if one of the goats gets pregnant, the others will develop an udder too. That's what they are like, the Stiefelgeiß. Seven in total. And they live in the city on a hectare of land, surrounded by buildings, a high-rise, a building site, a church, railway lines, and streets. And amidst these there are oaks, cherry and apple trees, maples and mirabelle. In the heart of the Zurich city centre the biologist and goatherd Julia Hofstetter has created a place for encounters. A place where children can be wild, adults relaxed, and goats happy. A place for hammering, nailing, planting and mucking, cooking, and celebrating. The book tells us about the adventure of urban goat breeding, explains the nature and anatomy of these headstrong animals, and offers a lot of astonishing information. In addition, it provides practical guidelines for crafting related to goats and simple recipes made from ingredients that goats love too. Julia HofstetterBiologist, environmental educator, previously member of the managing board of an organization for the protection of the environment. Went freelance some years ago, blogger, author and illustrator of children's books, currently responsible for communication and ecology in a building and housing cooperative. She is mother of two children. Photos and Illustrations: Julia Hofstetter

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