Healing with Plant Essences

Bruno Vonarburg

  • A brand new compendium on healing plants
  • Individual treatment of 100 diseases and pains with plant essences
  • A comprehensive reference book not only for therapists - Summarizing 30 years of experience in naturopathy
ISBN: 978-3-03800-977-1
Cover: Gebunden
Extent: 448 pages
Weight: 1798 g
Format: 19.5 cm x 26.5 cm
204 colour photos
Right sold: All rights available
39,90 EUR

More Information

Renowned healing plant expert and alternative practitioner Bruno Vonarburg presents the synthesis of his practical experience gathered over more than 30 years. Thorough and reliable as usual, he shows us how to effectively treat more than 100 illnesses and pains with the help of plant essences - be it acne or arthrosis, bladder infection or diverticulitis, hay fever or migraine, prostate pain or irritable bowel syndrome, sleeping disorder, tennis elbow, or constipation. Special chapters are dedicated to paediatrics and female disorders, pregnancy and birth, as well as old age complaints and dementia prophylaxis. Checking the physique of the patient against the signature of a particular healing plant, new remedies are constantly being identified next to the main plant cure, depending on individual conditions. Choosing the right plant medicine based on individual needs can significantly contribute to a better healing process. A comprehensive guide and reference book for amateurs as well as therapists, naturopathic practitioners, and medical doctors focusing on naturopathy. Bruno VonarburgOne of the most renowned naturopaths in Switzerland running a practice in Teufen (Appenzell Außerrhoden), author of various books on plant healing, sought after for lectures at naturopathy congresses inside and outside the country, numerous appearances on radio and television.

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