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Claudio Del Principe

  • The joy and happiness of handmade quality food: kneading, rolling out, and moulding pasta by hand
  • Basic recipes for different dough variations, classical pasta types, and matching sauces
  • The temptation of handmade pasta. From simple everyday dishes to pompous feasts
ISBN: 978-3-03902-018-8
Cover: Gebunden
Extent: 280 pages
Format: 17.5 cm x 24.5 cm
Approx. 100 colour photos, ribbon
Available: 09/2019
Right sold: All rights available
34,00 EUR

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After home-made bread and sourdough, handmade pasta is the latest craze of the »craft« food scene. Looking back at old traditions, and glancing over the shoulder of Italian nonnas (who are currently winning the hearts of foodies on Instagram and YouTube), the art of making handcrafted pasta is weaved into modern recipes. Claudio Del Principe has always been passionate about »pasta fatta in casa«, and he is convinced that everyone can make pasta. Expertly entertaining, witty, and well-illustrated, his instructions show us how to create, with utmost care and attention, tempting delicacies using flour, water, and eggs. Be it simple tagliarini or tiny artistic creations, pappardelle, cappellacci, garganelli, agnolotti, or fagottini, cavatelli, trofie, or orecchiette - each of these has its own detailed description accompanied by matching classical add-ons, »ragù« and »sughi«. A book about the joy of good handmade food and a must for anyone who loves pasta. Claudio Del Principeis a writer, storyteller, and successful author of five cookbooks to date. His blog »Anonyme Köche« is a highly acclaimed gem among German food blogs. He loves to focus purely on essentials - both in cooking and writing, as well as in photography.

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