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Claudia Schilling

  • Uncomplicated, healthy cuisine for every day
  • 150 recipes for everyday use: smart, time-saving, sustainable
  • Including a number of creative decoration and crafting suggestions for preserves and gifts
Winner World Cookbook Award 2020
ISBN: 978-3-03902-027-0
Cover: Gebunden
Extent: 336 pages
Weight: 1523 g
Format: 20.5 cm x 26 cm
colour photos, ribbon, Word Count: 30,819
Right sold: All rights available
34,00 EUR

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Following her successful first book »Far and Away«, food stylist and blogger Claudia Schilling takes us on a journey through her kitchen and shows us how one recipe can be effortlessly transformed into many different variations. How to get from pizza to sugo, then easily turn it into a yummie gift, or prepare calzone, focaccia, pizza pastries, pesto, or a spaghetti pizza. And how empty tomato tins become artfully crafted lanterns. The book shows clever ways of creative cooking variations with nothing going to waste. Simple, tasty, easy to prepare recipes for the whole family. And on top of that beautiful and inspiring decorations along with exciting handicraft and recycling ideas for preserves and gifts. The book bears the author's unique and unmistakable signature: loving design and elaborate layout. Claudia Schillingis a freelance food stylist and blogger. In her kitchen, healthy food variations and creativity play an important role. She lives in Basel with her family.

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