The Joy of Simple Cooking

Malte Härtig, Jule Felice Frommelt

  • Let your hands help your heart flow into your food
  • Cooking with hands and heart. The joy of cooking as handcraft
  • 50 simple recipes with vegetables and crops
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Extent: 192 pages
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Kneading dough with your own hands releases energy and makes you happy - and handmade pastry does taste better. Koreans have an expression for this: «son mat», i.e. hand taste. It is the way a meal is prepared, defining its quality: with the help of the kneading, shaping hands, the cook inserts the personal bliss of cooking into the food. Our hands are not just tools, but also a means of perception and sensation. And as such they need to be compensated for the monotonous typing at work and daily routine. 50 recipes dedicated to domestic vegetables and crops present traditional modes of preparation without high-tech kitchen aids and open up a whole new approach to our eating habits. But most of all they are fun, taste delicious, and unite cook and eaters around the table in love. For the way to a person's heart is through their stomach - and to achieve this, love needs to flow through our hands right into our meal, via tasteful ingredients. Malte Härtig Chef, philosopher, and Japan expert with a fondness for unusual thoughts and the beauty and variety that lies in cooking and thinking. Jule Felice Frommelt is a passionate gardener and works as freelance food photographer in Berlin. She loves uncomplicated dishes, photographed just as simply.

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