The Magical Power of Plants

Svenja Zuther

  • How to communicate and cooperate with plants
  • Spiritual growth and holistic healing with the power of plants
  • The vision of ecological plant medicine
ISBN: 978-3-03902-051-5
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Extent: 272 pages
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Svenja Zuther shows us how plants can become friends, teachers, and allies, enabling our spiritual growth and facilitating healing processes. The healing power of plants lies not only in their active substances but also in our relationship to them. In ancient times, the use of healing plants was combined with magical spells. People were convinced that all things in nature were connected through a common spirit. Modern research confirms this perception. Placebo research provides evidence for the magical healing powers of the spirit, while findings of plant neurobiology give proof of plant intelligence. The biggest healing power unfolds when the spirits of man and plant work together.With numerous practical exercises for spiritual nature experiences, trainings on nature mindfulness as well as communication and cooperation with plants. Svenja Zuther Graduate biologist, alternative practitioner, author. Having explored the communication with plants for 20 years, she developed the concept of spiritual phytomedicine and naturopathic therapy. She offers individual trainings and lectures in Germany and abroad. In 2006, she founded the workshop centre KUDRA NaturBewusstSein.

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