Human Psyche and Healing Plant Signature

Roger Kalbermatten, Hildegard Kalbermatten

  • Explains the principles connecting information, psyche, and shape
  • Portrays psychic processes and their corresponding healing plants
ISBN: 978-3-03902-063-8
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Extent: 312 pages
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Format: 13.5 cm x 22 cm
Photos and illustrations, word count: 70,664
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There is a network enveloping the entire planet and connecting all living creatures with the one big stream of life. Hence there is an analogy between the evolutions and transformations of the human psyche and the signatures of healing plants. Signatures are certain outward characteristics of plants that point to their essential nature and healing powers. Knowing these correlations can help dissolve blockades of psychical evolutionary processes and their translation into physical complaints with the help of the appropriate healing plants.The first part of the book explains the principles connecting information, psyche, and shape, while the second portrays psychic processes and their corresponding healing plants. Roger Kalbermatten Chemist, 25 years of experience in medicinal plant research. Developed an effective procedure to manufacture plant-based and homeopathic medicine. Founder of CERES Heilmittel AG which produces high quality ancient tinctures. Hildegard Kalbermatten Trained pedagogue, systematic further training in medicinal and psychological anthropology. Therapeutic experience with plant medicine. Co-founder of CERES Heilmittel AG.

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