Healing Metals

Olaf Rippe

  • Ancient healing practices applied in modern therapy
  • Therapeutic concepts and recipes from Paracelsus medicine
  • Philosophy, astrology, and the art of healing
ISBN: 978-3-03902-035-5
Cover: Hardcover
Extent: 320 pages
Weight: 1152 g
Format: 17.5 cm x 25 cm
144 photos, 72 illustrations, word count: 92,280
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Healing Metals in NaturopathyMetals are omnipresent in almost all aspects of our daily life. Their healing powers have been used for thousands of years. A prominent area of use is constitutional therapy and hence primarily the treatment of chronic diseases, but also the closely related spiritual imprinting of a person. In Paracelsus medicine metals are the basis for every type of therapy. This book relies on the four pillars of Paracelsus medicine. It is a comprehensive therapeutic compendium, allowing insights into cultural and medical history, alchemy, and astral medicine.The experiences of the author, from both his roles as therapist and lecturer, shape his therapeutic concepts and recipes and render this book an indispensable guide for everyday practical use.Olaf Rippeis a naturopathic therapist running his own practice. For more than 30 years he has been offering seminars, especially on Paracelsus medicine and herbal healing, astral medicine, humoral medicine, and homeopathy. He writes regularly for naturopathy magazines.