Bread Craft

Heike Grein, Sasa Noël

  • Switzerland's top bakers share their very best bread recipes
  • Powerful personalities, powerful images
  • Featuring easy to follow baking lessons
ISBN: 978-3-03902-074-4
Cover: Hardcover
Extent: 224 pages
Format: 20 cm x 26.5 cm
Colour photos, ribbon
Available: 09/2021
Right sold: All rights available
34,00 EUR

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A slice of fresh bread, and you forget all your cares. The ingredients are simple, yet it takes great skill to transform them into crisp and tasty bread. »Bread Craft« bows to one of the most ancient professions: it portrays 16 bakers who have found their way into the bakery from very different directions, and who proactively foster tradition and enhance their craft. They were so generous as to reveal the recipes of their trademark breads to the authors of this book. Fruitcake, spelt rolls, saffron bread—very soon the scent of such specialities will fill your home. In order to guarantee success, the book includes baking lessons sharing basic information about crops, equipment, and process steps. It guides us on the fascinating path from soaking, starter, or sourdough all the way to the accomplished loaf, making it very clear that it takes more than just flour, water, and salt: the most important ingredients are dedication and time.With a preface by Christian Seiler.Sasa NoëlGraphic designer, photographer, and stylist.Heike GreinGraphic designer and photographer.