Claudio Del Principe

  • Slow Food all’italiana – vegetarian
  • Italian classics and new recipes for every day
  • 10 recipes based on 1 vegetable
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ISBN: 978-3-03902-083-6
Cover: Hardcover
Extent: 256 pages
Weight: 989 g
Format: 17.5 cm x 24.5 cm
123 colour photos, ribbon, word count: 25,260
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The Best Picks from the Vegetable Garden»Orto« is the Italian word for vegetable garden. Without »ortaggi« – i.e. good quality vegetables from the garden or the market – Italians are hopelessly lost. Like true virtuosos, they turn them into bittersweet salads, addictive antipasti, perfect pasta complements, rich soups, or side dishes that can very well stand for themselves.A number of different vegetables and incomparable ways of preparing them make for an incredible variety of flavours. Nowadays we can find extravagant vegetables such as cime di rapa, catalogna, barba di frate, radicchio, castelfranco, or puntarelle even in our local shops. Claudio Del Principe selects the best Italian recipes, explains their origin, traditions, and various ways of preparation, and refines them with his own modern creations and inspiring ideas.Claudio del Principeis a writer, storyteller, and successful author of six cookbooks to date. His blog »Anonyme Köche« is a highly acclaimed gem among German food blogs. He loves to focus purely on essentials – in cooking, writing, and photography – and kindles the passion for cooking and relishing that slumbers in many of us.»What everyone needs to know is where to buy the best ingredients, how to prepare and conserve them, and above all, how to cook 10 awesome meals with only 1 type of vegetable!«– CLAUDIO DEL PRINCIPE