City Wild Plants

Jonas Frei

  • Biodiversity in the city: natural adventures on the way to work
  • Every week another trip exploring urban vegetation
  • Cities as an opportunity for plant diversity
ISBN: 978-3-03902-133-8
Cover: Hardcover
Extent: 352 pages
Weight: 802 g
Format: 14.8 cm x 21 cm
391 colour photos, illustrations; word count: 42,609
Right sold: All rights available
36,00 EUR

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Sprouting from the cracks!Be it a plain leaf rosette or a mighty tree of heaven: plants conquer the city. Like a magnet, the city climate attracts wild plants that are pushed away from the surrounding areas. In the city they sprout from cracks and make themselves at home in derelict building sites, railway lines, overgrown plant beds. And as cities around the globe provide increasingly similar conditions, many species are not only found in European cities, but also in the USA and China.This book is our ticket to the world of urban plants. In 52 chapters Jonas Frei leads the way through urban vegetation and shows us week by week what types may be discovered at what stage. Starting with a small encyclopaedia of buds in January and finishing with the second bloom of dandelion in November. A storybook and companion for city walks full of stories, botany, and astounding facts on »flora urbana«. An invitation to discover and admire the wonders of nature lying at our doorstep.Jonas Frei: Landscape architect and city ecologist from Zurich. His areas of expertise are the creation of free spaces, botany, photography, documentary films, and illustrations.