Fire Cooking

Chris Bay, Monika Di Muro

  • Meat, vegetables, and fruit artfully prepared on the open fire
  • Pure joie de vivre and culinary delight in the open air
  • Comprehensive fire knowhow
Deutscher Kochbuchpreis 2022swiss gourmetbook award 2023
ISBN: 978-3-03902-147-5
Cover: Hardcover
Extent: 304 pages
Weight: 1416 g
Format: 20 cm x 27.5 cm
152 colour photos; word count: 49,397
Right sold: All rights available
44,00 EUR

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Blazing passion. Preparing a fire-cooked meal is a feast each and every time

Smoke-roasting, hang-roasting, or pan-baking: this book unveils the secrets of fire cooking. It is all about the fun of preparing delicious food on an open fire, using simple tools and ingredients as well as all our senses. The book is not about simple and plain barbecues, but presents extraordinary ways of preparing meat, vegetarian and vegan dishes, and about how to enjoy these in the unique atmosphere that only an open fire can create.
The authors describe easy to cook recipes and inspire even experienced gourmets to approach cooking from a different angle, to open their senses to a new type of culinary delight. The book shows the crafts and techniques of fire cooking with no need for any special equipment. Cooking under the open sky as a culinary adventure: every dish is different, and every dish is the best.

Monika Di Muro and Chris Bay: Fire cooking pros with their own mobile fire kitchen. Co-owners of the catering company Chillfood including a catering service and fire cooking school, they also orchestrate fire cooking events in Switzerland and abroad.

Photos: Lukas Lienhard

»Moreover, it is a craft that goes beyond the well-known barbecue and should be learnt and understood from scratch. Therefore, we describe the different techniques and somewhat extravagant dishes in the recipe chapter in a way that they can be prepared even with little experience and using simple tools. Whoever wants to dig deeper will find lots of valuable information about fire cooking.« Chris Bay, Monika Di Muro