Healing and Helping with the Power of Magic

Erich Renner

  • Magic - a treasure chest of cultural experience
  • The magic power of seers, healers, and weather makers
  • Testimonies, dialogues, reports from eyewitnesses and observers
ISBN: 978-3-03902-171-0
Cover: Hardcover
Extent: 184 pages
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The magical heritage of humanity

There is not only one type of magic. Magic grows from various sources and is used for different purposes. At times it stems from plants or chants, from ritualistic communities, dreams, or a trance. The author of this book presents the various forms of magic as well as the contexts and cultural circles using these. He contemplates the »other reality« from the perspective of parapsychology, anthropology, and ethnology. Renner studies supernatural phenomena both via the available literature on indigenous cultures and his own research conducted in various locations, with Sinti, Norwegian Sami, and Navajo communities. He witnessed a number of ceremonies and interviewed a medicine singer, an herb healer, and traditionalists. In the Western European cultural context, he took a close look at the biography of ghost healer Theo Bullinger as well as one spectacular incident that occurred in Germany. A collection of fascinating accounts about the magical heritage of humankind.

Erich Renner: Prof. em. Dr. phil., ethno-pedagogue and biography researcher. Numerous regional and international projects and publications.