The Hazelnut

Jonas Frei

  • Botany, history, culture, and gastronomy – a reference guide
  • Portraits of all cultivated types and hybrids, richly illustrated
  • With a supplementary chapter on culinary aspects by Dominik Flammer
Stihl Deutscher Gartenbuchpreis Dennenlohe 2024Deutscher Gartenbuchpreis Dennenlohe 2024
ISBN: 978-3-03902-181-9
Cover: Hardcover
Extent: 256 pages
Weight: 1249 g
Format: 21.1 cm x 29.7 cm
Numerous colour photos and illustrations, word count: 52,600
Right sold: All rights available
49,00 EUR

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66 million years from a hazelnut's perspective!

The hazelnut is one of the first woods that spread in Europe after the Ice Age – and nourished the ancient peoples of the European continent. Hence the close cultural ties with the hazelnut and its importance in gastronomy.

Nowadays many different varieties of hazelnut are produced around the globe, for nut harvesting, as street trees, hedges, and decorative plants. In its uncultivated form it marks the edge of forests, grows along water shores, and even in elevated locations.

The common hazelnut is only one type among many different kinds that comprise a total of about twelve pure types and several hybrids. This book is the first to present all cultivated types and hybrids through detailed portraits. Wonderfully illustrated and photographed, it offers comprehensive knowledge about the hazelnut and its exciting culture, history, and tradition - complemented by a chapter highlighting its culinary aspects.

Jonas Frei: Landscape architect and city ecologist from Zurich. His areas of expertise are botany, photography, documentary films, illustrations, as well as the creation of free spaces.