Paradise gardens of the Earth

Karin Steinbach Tarnutzer

  • A hiking and story book by an expert of the Alps: Karin Steinbach Tarnutzer
  • Discover and experience modern Swiss Alpine culture
  • A must-have for history, culture, and mountain lovers
ISBN: 978-3-03902-185-7
Cover: Hardcover
Extent: 264 pages
Weight: 1064 g
Format: 19.5 cm x 25.5 cm
179 colour photos Word count: 67,659
Right sold: All rights available
39,00 EUR

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Hiking on the tracks of Alpine culture!

The Alps are a living and thrilling environment. Nature and tradition meet technology and modernity. With this hiking and story book the renowned expert of the Alps Karin Steinbach Tarnutzer offers fresh and authentic insights into the wonders of the Swiss mountains.

Inside a mountain we visit a subterranean chip factory, while in dizzy heights we behold the construction site of a hydropower plant or the highest place of pilgrimage in Europe. We get a glimpse of the everyday life of Wildheuer farmers, helicopter pilots, and Rheinholzer woodworkers, we visit permaculture projects in the Appenzell and the biodiversity paradise of Alp Flix. Every story features three different hikes in the given region, as it is best to explore the locations of each story on our own. Featuring practical information, and richly illustrated.

For anyone who longs to see the Swiss mountains from a different angle – and with their own eyes.

Karin Steinbach Tarnutzer: is a freelance journalist, author, lecturer. She writes for newspapers and magazines on the topic of mountains and nature and has co-authored numerous biographies of mountaineers. Being a passionate alpinist and climber herself she has been drawn to the mountains since her youth.

Photos: Karin Steinbach Tarnutzer, Robert Bösch et al.