Ms Kaufmann Cooks No-nonsense Recipes

Karin Kaufmann, Karin Guldenschuh

  • Down-to-earth, easy-to-prepare, no-nonsense recipes
  • Seasonal, regional, and waste reducing
  • Featuring a detailed spice table
ISBN: 978-3-03902-194-9
Cover: Hardcover
Extent: 256 pages
Weight: 1229 g
Format: 21 cm x 26.5 cm
146 colour photos, ribbon, word count: 19,971
Right sold: All rights available
36,00 EUR

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Lots of fun doing it!

Karin Kaufmann, chef and food craftswoman from the Bregenz Forest, opens up her private recipe collection. Her creations impress with their cosmopolitan down-to-earth quality and make it really easy to cook with ingredients fresh from the market or garden following the cycle of the seasons. The luxury of a good meal on an ordinary day, gifts from the kitchen, the re-experiencing of a past vacation via culinary memories or a dish prepared on an old school wood fire, as well as the heartwarming power of eating rituals are all different expressions of joie de vivre and appreciation.

Straightforward recipes, easily available ingredients, uncomplicated and waste-free preparation, as well as an expert use of spices are the trademarks of the author, always adding that one subtle but sophisticated detail, Ms Kaufmann turns well-known, classical recipes into her very own unique creations.

Karin Kaufmann: raised on a farm and tavern in the Bregenz Forest, runs a cooking school and the spice workshop »Frau Kaufmann« in Egg in the Bregenz Forest.

Karin Guldenschuh: a former journalist at ORF Vorarlberg, currently works as a business consultant and author.

Photos: Veronika Studer