Healthy with the Help of Essential Oils, Healing Stones, and Colloidal Silver

Werner Kühni, Walter von Holst, Bernhard Richter

  • A natural medicine chest of oils and healing crystals
  • 22 oils, 70 healing stones, and 180 types of therapy
  • For amateurs and therapists
ISBN: 978-3-03902-205-2
Cover: Hardcover
Extent: 224 pages
Weight: 727 g
Format: 16 cm x 22.8 cm
252 colour photos, word count: 69.211
Right sold: All rights available
25,00 EUR

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Aromatherapy and crystal healing – a perfect match: essential oils lead to safe and quick recovery with acute illnesses, healing stones support and elaborate successful healing processes and have long-lasting effects. This book consistently and comprehensively translates the connection between the two healing methods into medical practices. Sorted alphabetically, it provides a quick overview of the different uses of aroma oils and complementary agents of physiological stone healing for the most common complaints. Even medical amateurs can rapidly learn this effective and harmless treatment method suitable for everyday use. This guide is intended for patients but also doctors and therapists in healing professions.

Werner Kühni: Alternative practitioner and psychotherapist, trained in homeopathy, mind control and hypnosis, intense studies in aromatherapy. Retail of and consulting on essential oils and healing stones, book author, and organizer of exhibitions. Lectures and seminars.

Walter von Holst: Co-founder of Steinheilkunde e. V., Stuttgart. Initiator of the research project Crystal Healing, lecturer at naturopathy schools. Runs »Steinkreis«, a seminar centre and shop specializing in healing stones, crystals and health products.

Bernhard Richter: Graduate in business administration, alternative practitioner, and author. For the past two decades focus on mineralogy and crystal healing.