The Walnut

Jonas Frei

  • A comprehensive portrait of the walnut
  • Detailed descriptions of all types
  • Botany, history, and culture – richly illustrated
ISBN: 978-3-03902-211-3
Cover: Hardcover
Extent: 272 pages
Weight: 1289 g
Format: 21.1 cm x 29.7 cm
colour photos and illustrations,word count: 48.582
Right sold: All rights available
49,00 EUR

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The new edition – featuring all cultivated types and hybrids!

The walnut tree is one of the most picturesque trees of our landscape, its wood is among the most precious in our climate zone, and its nuts are delicious and healthy. This book compiles ample knowledge about the walnut, as well as its surprisingly interesting culture and tradition. The common walnut, juglans regia, is only one among many in this rich plant family that stretches across four continents. From a total of 60 types, 30 plus some hybrids can be found in our surrounding parks. Among these are hickory, wingnut, but also botanical rarities such as the platycarya strobilacea or the pterocarya. In dedicated chapters on culture, history, biology, and landscape architecture the plant family is examined from different angles. The revised edition also includes tropical types and offers insights into North American walnut culture.

For the first time ever, all cultivated types and hybrids are presented via richly illustrated portraits. This makes it easy to identify even exotic types such as black walnut, Manchurian walnut or pignut that we encounter in parks, tree nurseries, or gardens.

Jonas Frei: Landscape architect and city ecologist from Zurich. His areas of expertise are botany, photography, documentary films, illustrations, as well as the creation of free spaces.