LouMalou – Relaxed Baking

Nadja Zimmermann

  • Baking for everyone – from singles to big families
  • Recipes with less sugar and many healthy ingredients
  • Featuring Vegan alternatives
ISBN: 978-3-03902-216-8
Cover: Hardcover
Extent: 152 pages
Weight: 742 g
Format: 19 cm x 26 cm
112 colour photos, ribbon, word count: 12,717
Right sold: All rights available
32,00 EUR

More Information

The joy of baking!

A baking book with laid back and uncomplicated recipes that are so easy to prepare, you will not have to sweat or freak out in the kitchen.

Nadja Zimmermann aka LouMalou, known since her days as a radio and television host, is now a renowned author and immensely successful blogger. Being a busy mother of two she knows all the tricks: she bakes snacks for on the go, pastries for breakfast, treats to enjoy on a break, but also more lavish, very popular cakes. From muffins and almond sticks, vanilla pastries and traybakes to cheesecake and no-bake recipes, she has everything you need to make young and old happy.

A chapter with speed recipes offers help if you are very much in a hurry. Vegan baking alternatives as well as recipes with an extra high number of healthy ingredients and less sugar allow for carefree pleasure.

Nadja Zimmermann: Former host and TV producer, now author of seven books, six of them cookbooks. She operates the successful food and lifestyle platform LouMalou.ch where she is passionately dedicated to easy-going everyday cuisine.

Photos: Adrian Portmann, Nadja Zimmermann