Manuela Rüther, Christopher Aziz Krebs

  • Asia’s most diverse cuisine
  • The first comprehensive Malaysian cookbook in German
  • Including useful product details and supply sources
ISBN: 978-3-03902-225-0
Cover: Hardcover
Extent: 224 pages
Weight: 1116 g
Format: 20 cm x 27.5 cm
112 colour photos Word count: 31,981
Right sold: All rights available
36,00 EUR

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Tasty Malaysia!

Malaysian cuisine is one of the last unexplored culinary territories of Asia, at least in German-speaking countries. But why is it so special? Thanks to its location, the country has been drawing from various different influences – which in food terms translates to aromas from all over Asia as well as influences from the colonial times, which create brand-new taste combinations.

We join the photographer and the author in their travels through breathtaking landscapes, and visit kitchens, chefs, and producers in all parts of the country. The recipes range from traditional dishes to individual interpretations by Christopher Aziz Krebs, some of which contain neither fish nor meat. A comprehensive listing of Malaysian ingredients and where to procure them rounds off this unique book.

Just as thrilling as Malaysian cuisine itself, this cookbook breathes fresh air into your bookshelf.

Manuela Rüther: Chef, freelance photographer, and author. Her photos, stories, and recipes have received numerous awards and are published regularly in magazines and books as well as in her blog.

Christopher Aziz Krebs: Swiss citizen with Malaysian roots, owner and maitre de cuisine of »Abang Toto’s«, a Malaysian deli in Cologne.

Photos: Manuela Rüther