Peter Jauch

  • The must-have book on the topic by expert Peter Jauch
  • More than 200 descriptions of brands and products
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ISBN: 978-3-03902-235-9
Cover: Hardcover
Extent: 432 pages
Format: 25 cm x 28 cm
Colour photos
Available: 10/2024
Right sold: All rights available
65,00 EUR

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Champagne it is

The region of Champagne has been experiencing a revival: the young generation have started sustainable wine production. Some among them even make their own champagne. And what are big producers doing? They have started to adjust their portfolios according to the current zeitgeist.

Peter Jauch takes us on a journey to Champagne, telling us the story of champagne. He explains how it is produced and portrays the culture around champagne as well as some of the people who dedicate their life to the beverage. He not only shares his love for champagne with his readers but also gives the floor to winemakers, cellarmasters, chefs, sommeliers, and many other international experts.

In the service section the renowned expert compares more than 200 products and allows for a thorough insight into the variety of the world’s most famous luxury beverage.

Peter Jauch: is an absolute connoisseur. For many years he has been organizing food and drink events together with various chefs. As a writer he published articles on the topic both in Germany and Switzerland. His tastings and experience festivals are extremely popular. International spirits producers trust his expert judgment.