Detoxifying with Healing Herbs

Margret Madejsky

  • A comprehensive introduction to the basic rules of detoxification
  • Portraits of the 35 most important detoxifying plants – with tips on matching plants to types of persons
  • Healing herb recipes and practical guidelines for your individual path to detoxification
ISBN: 978-3-03902-246-5
Cover: Hardcover
Extent: 320 pages
Format: 17.5 cm x 25 cm
Colour photos
Available: 09/2024
Right sold: All rights available
36,00 EUR

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From angelica to horsetail – plants as a pathway to detoxification!

Toxins in food, living spaces, and the environment are the source of many diseases. An individualized and targeted detoxification fights the causes at their roots. This guide provides the first comprehensive set of rules for detoxification, compares different methods, and describes the most important detoxifying plants in a way that allows us to find the most suitable individual detoxification path.

The author gives an outline of healing plants and herbs with blood-cleansing, organ-strengthening, or specifically detoxifying effects. A collection of healing herb recipes and practical tips for home use are also included, as well as a list of environmental toxins and concepts for diverting and detoxifying heavy metals, antibiotics, cortisone products, psychopharmaceuticals, and vaccination toxins. Interviews with experts offer further professional insights, and dedicated QR codes point to videos of the original full-length interviews.

Margret Madejsky: Naturopathic therapist and co-founder of Natura Naturans, a working group for traditional occidental medicine. Naturopathic treatments for women, phytotherapy, complex homeopathy, and Paracelsus medicine are the focal points of her practice and teaching activity. Author of several standard works on healing herb medicine for women.