alla buona

Claudio Del Principe

  • Basics and recipes of »Cucina Povera«
  • Modern variations and interpretations
  • Healthy and beneficial for humans and the environment
ISBN: 978-3-03902-255-7
Cover: Hardcover
Extent: 260 pages
Format: 17.5 cm x 24.5 cm
Colour photos, ribbon
Available: 09/2024
Right sold: All rights available
39,00 EUR

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The wealth of simplicity

For his latest cookbook, Claudio Del Principe draws from the riches of »Cucina Povera« and proclaims it the cooking culture of the future: simple, tasty, and environmentally sustainable. It is based on low-cost, seasonal, regional, and readily available ingredients: vegetables, crops, legumes, some garlic, olive oil, and even stale bread can be used to prepare a heart-warming feast.

»Cucina Povera« qualifies as Italy’s »modest cuisine« and comprises regional dishes based on rural tradition. Simple combinations, easy preparation, and focus on the essentials are key to this extraordinary experience in taste. Ingredients are not over-processed, modestly seasoned, and easy to digest.

In his recipes Claudio Del Principe not only preserves old traditions, but expertly transforms classical recipes into modern variations, thereby reigniting our passion for the deliciously simple.

Claudio Del Principe: is a writer, storyteller, and successful author of ten books to date, winning numerous awards. He is a blogger, sought-after lecturer, and offers workshops on Pasta and lievito madre. He loves honest food and a focus on pure essentials when cooking, writing, and photographing. In doing so, he manages to rouse a fierce passion for cooking and relishing that lies dormant in so many of us.