Truly good

Noah Bachofen

  • Star-awarded gastronomy and solid craftmanship, paired with a pinch of perkiness
  • One of the shooting stars among cooking influencers
  • Cooking the fun way
ISBN: 978-3-03902-263-2
Cover: Hardcover
Extent: 220 pages
Format: 19 cm x 25 cm
Colour photos, illustrations
Available: 10/2024
Right sold: All rights available
38,00 EUR

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Truly delicious

The recipes of Noah Bachofen are a delight for kitchen rookies and ambitious amateur cooks alike. The roughly 50 recipes feature numerous professional tips but are easy to prepare even without substantial experience and specialized utensils.

The book presents all the things Noah loves to eat at home: an entire buttered cauliflower, eggplant schnitzel and Ziger cheese dumplings with onion sauce, or San Sebastian cheesecake, the simplest cake in the world. But he also shares recipes for basics such as a hearty vegetable stock or various types of mayonnaise (for example with basil or nut butter). Besides all the recipes, the book tells many a humorous story from Noah’s home region, canton Glarus.

Noah Bachofen’s goal is to get the seemingly simple things right. And thus we follow Noah to his training workshop in Elm where he shows us how to prepare the perfect rösti. Noah cooks with joy, imagination, and a sense of humour.

Noah Bachofen: was sous-chef at the vegetarian 2-star restaurant »Magdalena« in Rickenbach SZ. Today, he shares his stories and cooking videos on various media and social media channels and has his own TV show (»Hype Kitchen«) on Sat.1.

Photos: Boris Müller
Illustrations: Bobi Bazooka