My Kitchen in Spring and Summer

Meret Bissegger, Hans-Peter Siffert

  • 163 vegetable recipes and valuable information on sustainability and organically produced food
  • Vegetable portraits as well as tips for preparation, storage, and cooking
  • The latest book by the best-selling author of »My Wild Plant Cuisine«
Goldemedaille GAD 2021Winner World Cookbook Award 2022Deutscher Gartenbuchpreis Dennenlohe 2021
ISBN: 978-3-03902-053-9
Cover: Hardcover
Extent: 416 pages
Weight: 1830 g
Format: 19.5 cm x 26.5 cm
575 colour photos, word count: 59,891
Right sold: IT
39,90 EUR

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Best-selling author Meret Bissegger presents more than 50 spring and summer vegetables and offers tips on preparation and storage. 163 mostly vegetarian, often vegan recipes serve as inspiration for beginners and experienced cooks alike. Starting with the earliest Southern spring messengers such as fava beans or field mustard, moving on to the domestic May turnip all the way to summer classics such as aubergines and tomatoes or less well-known vegetable types like friar's beard, okra, or papacelle. Aromatic herbs, crisp salads, edible blossoms, and wild plants complement several basic recipes. Her reports on cultivation, harvesting, and processing of vegetables offer insights into the world of organic farming in Switzerland and Italy. Essays on environmental and economic topics provide useful suggestions on the appropriate handling of our precious food. Once again, Hans-Peter Siffert has done a fantastic job capturing various types of vegetables and the world of producers in beautiful images.Meret Bisseggerpassionate chef and plant connoisseur, runs cooking courses, indulges gourmets in her Casa Merogusto in Malvaglia (Ticino), and is an activist of the slow food movement. Numerous appearances on radio, TV, and in printed media. Photos: Hans-Peter Siffert