Claudio Del Principe

  • The ultimate benchmark for Italian cuisine
  • More than 100 authentic Mamma recipes
  • Classical soul food for any day, prepared and photographed by Claudio Del Principe
ISBN: 978-3-03902-098-0
Cover: Hardcover
Extent: 240 pages
Weight: 1051 g
Format: 17.5 cm x 26 cm
84 colour photos, 24 illustrations, ribbon; word count: 23,200
Right sold: All rights available
29,90 EUR

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This book celebrates the almost forgotten classical homestyle cooking tips of Italy. Mamma Luisa and Mamma Lina have unveiled more than 100 of their secret recipes to Claudio Del Principe. Only few thoroughly chosen ingredients, true passion, and Mamma's special insider tips make for loving family dishes, classical antipasti, irresistible primi with pasta, risotto and polenta, delicious sughi, secondi, contorni, and tempting dolci. Food that can shape a life, as various anecdotes from their family life vividly show.Through their fabulous cooking, Luisa and Lina unknowingly laid the foundation for their sons' careers. The love for excellent Italian food led them to create a successful organic food brand, PPura. If you do not feel like cooking yourself, just grab some of their pasta, pesti, and sauces – Italianità per tutti!Claudio Del Principe: Writer, storyteller, and successful author of seven cookbooks to date. His blog »Anonyme Köche« is a highly acclaimed gem among German food blogs. He loves to focus purely on essentials – in cooking, writing, and photography – and kindles the passion for cooking and relishing that slumbers in many of us. Sought-after both as lecturer and workshop instructor for pasta and Lievito Madre.