Dig Them Up – Sweet Potatoe, Yacon & Co.

Claudia Steinschneider, Ute Stückler-Sattler

  • Detailed guidelines from cultivation to preparation
  • Recipes for meals and drinks
  • Essential substances and use in folk medicine
Deutscher Kochbuchpreis 2022
ISBN: 978-3-03902-108-6
Cover: Hardcover
Extent: 200 pages
Weight: 947 g
Format: 19.5 cm x 26.5 cm
184 colour photos, word count: 57,549
Right sold: All rights available
36,00 EUR

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Root vegetables: treasures from the earthBe it in a flowerpot on the patio, in the family garden, or on the field: exotic root vegetables now also thrive in our latitudes thanks to warmer temperatures. The authors planted sweet potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, yacon, crosne, oca, and taro in different locations. In this book they explain the nuts and bolts of cultivation, harvesting, reproduction, and storage. A number of practical tips make it easy to successfully grow them, both for amateur and for professional gardeners who are curious to discover new plant cultures.The recipe part offers creative ideas on how to prepare them. Jerusalem artichoke cream soup, tagliatelle with crosne, crispy yacon cookies – delicious root vegetables revive the autumn and winter meal plan. Next to the valuable substances they contain, they have several beneficial effects on our health. Things that have been long-known in the folk medicine of their countries of origin are now unveiled to us with the help of this book.Claudia Steinschneider: Deputy division manager of the laboratory for special cultures in Wies, responsible for cultivation and experiment design in the areas of biological healing and spice plants, biological and conventional vegetables grown in the open air and in shielded areas, as well as ornamental plants. She delivers lectures and publishes in professional magazines.Ute Stückler-Sattler: Works in quality assurance at a pharmaceutical company, graduate educationalist in herbalism. She delivers lectures and workshops on the topics of folk medicine and naturopathy.