How to Easily Identify Wild Healing Plants

Steffen Guido Fleischhauer, Astrid Süssmuth, Roland Spiegelberger, Claudia Gassner, Viola Nehrbaß

  • How to Identify, Collect and Use Healing Plants
  • Including recipes and easy instructions to enrich your medicine chest
  • More than 400 photos and plant sketches
ISBN: 978-3-03902-122-2
Cover: Paperback with flaps
Extent: 288 pages
Weight: 573 g
Format: 13.5 cm x 21 cm
400 colour photos, 50 illustrations, word count: 44,926
Right sold: FR, PL
20,00 EUR

More Information

A number of plants that grow in our immediate environment contain valuable substances and are highly effective healing plants. The book offers a very detailed and thorough presentation of the 50 most popular wild plants that makes them easily identifiable even for beginners. With more than 400 colour photos, meticulous sketches and drawings for each plant type, as well as elaborate information about poisonous or ineffective look-alikes. Simple applications and recipes tested in naturopathic practice demonstrate how wild healing plants can become part of your medicine chest. Including explanations about active substances and their subgroups, a straightforward harvesting chart, as well as descriptions for basic preparations: decoctions, gels, lotions, macerates, medical wine, but also oil extracts, unguents, syrups, tinctures, and wet packs. A perfect guide to assemble a wild plant medicine chest, even for beginners with little plant knowledge.Steffen Guido Fleischhaueris a graduate engineer in landscape architecture, College of Higher Education Weihenstephan. Lectures at universities and colleges in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Publisher of the »Wild Plant Magazine«.In cooperation with Astrid Süßmuth, naturopath, and Roland Spiegelberger, graduate engineer for landscape architecture and environmental planning.