Pure Freshness

Andreas Caminada

  • The third book by the renowned 3-star chef
  • Vegetarian creations you can try at home, by Andreas Caminada
  • Vegetable and spice combinations as well as preservation techniques
ISBN: 978-3-03902-136-9
Cover: Hardcover
Extent: 240 pages
Format: 19.2 cm x 25 cm
Colour photos, linen, ribbon
Available: 11/2021
Right sold: All rights available
35,00 EUR

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The garden surrounding Chateau Schauenstein is an intrinsic part of Andreas Caminada's culinary universe. Applying the principles of sustainable permaculture, it supplies the star chef with vegetables, fruits, and herbs. The garden inspires him to create the most astonishing dishes from seemingly bland ingredients. In this book, the garden signifies healthy soil, ancient crops, and the art of preservation. Caminada's recipes prove that vegetarian cuisine is full of surprises if you devote sufficient attention to the produce and know which ingredients will most favourably accentuate their special character. A slightly sour counterpart will turn the earthy sweetish beetroot into a superstar, while kohlrabi harmonizes best with saffron. Sophisticated dishes do by no means require meat. Vegetables and mushrooms can create utmost complex aromas as well, especially when paired with smoke. The recipes, though wonderfully refined, are easy to put into practice even for amateur cooks.Andreas CaminadaRuns the restaurant »Chateau Schauenstein«, awarded with three Michelin stars and 19 points by Gault-Millau, as well as the »Casa Caminada« and the IGNIV restaurants in Switzerland and Bangkok.Photos: Gaudenz DanuserGraphics: Remo Caminada