Dahlia Crisps and Barberry Rice

Judith Gmür-Stalder, Kathrin Fritz, Maurice K. Grünig

  • Modern nature food captured in breath-taking photographs
  • 90 simple and astonishing recipes
  • A sensual combination of wildlife adventures and culinary art
Deutscher Gartenbuchpreis 2022Silbermedaille GAD 2022
ISBN: 978-3-03902-161-1
Cover: Hardcover
Extent: 352 pages
Weight: 1544 g
Format: 19.5 cm x 27 cm
212 colour photos; word count: 22,945
Right sold: FR
44,00 EUR

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The cornucopia of nature. Paying tribute to nature and to our sensesEating whatever nature provides for us. This ancient principle was the starting point and leitmotif of the authors. They ventured outside into nature and opened all their senses to anything that grows, scents and blooms. They gathered and harvested blossoms, herbs, roots, resin, then started their sophisticated kitchen experiment. The result: 90 delicious recipes, easy to cook at home and guaranteed successes with astonished guests, starting from daisy crackers all the way to primrose spring rolls and sage nut tart. For some of the plants the authors have added interesting and poetic portraits. This book is an inspiration that invites us to reconnect with nature in a wonderfully unique way. Once we start to gather and cook, and even before that, when looking at the lovely photos in this book, we will be amazed by the wonders of nature.Judith Grmür-Stalder: Freelance recipe author, food stylist, book author, and culinary consultant.Kathrin Fritz: Food editor for a big Swiss magazine and book author.Maurice K. Grünig: Photographer, art agent and book author.»We discovered dead-nettles, violets, and hawthorn blossoms where we had suspected to find nothing but green thickets. Tiny chickweed was hiding amid the gravel, and when the wind was blowing, we saw burnets swaying in the grass. The sensuality of the experience captivated us and inspired a wealth of new creations. It prompted us to experiment with recipes, images, and texts that all had the same goal: to capture and share this beauty.« Judith Gmür-Stalder, Kathrin Fritz, Maurice K. Grünig