Wilderness Switzerland

Martin Arnold, Urs Fitze

  • Wilderness at our doorstep and in the mountains
  • 30 hikes along impressive nature reserves
  • Including practical information and maps
ISBN: 978-3-03902-204-5
Cover: Paperback with flaps
Extent: 224 pages
Weight: 520 g
Format: 14.5 cm x 22 cm
181 colour photos, 31 maps
Right sold: All rights available
33,00 EUR

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Switzerland is wilder than one might think. You can encounter untouched wilderness not only in remote mountain areas but sometimes practically at your doorstep, in the smaller and bigger nature reserves of the midlands or at the foothills of the Alps.

Martin Arnold and Urs Fitze present 30 fascinating wilderness regions all over the country, each of them with their own unique history: from the enchanted Doubs and Belpau with its beavers to the ice desert of the Aletsch glacier and the multicoloured shimmer of the Stelsersee to the forest reservations in the Onsernone Valley. Apart from numerous deserted nature reserves in the mountains we can also discover smaller, generally less known locations in our close vicinity.

A hiking guide that shows us hidden gems worth protecting. Including access to digital hiking maps and GPS coordinates.

Martin Arnold: Freelance journalist, publisher, and author. He writes for newspapers, magazines, and various information platforms.

Urs Fitze: Freelance journalist and author.