The Wise Man from Mont Aubert

Wolf-Dieter Storl

  • Memories of a pioneer in biodynamic agriculture
  • Insights into the life of Wolf-Dieter Storl and his spiritual roots
  • Storl – a very personal account
ISBN: 978-3-03902-222-9
Cover: Hardcover
Extent: 152 pages
Weight: 539 g
Format: 15.5 cm x 23.5 cm
Numerous colour photos, word count: 41,263
Right sold: All rights available
24,00 EUR

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An extraordinary friendship and fateful encounter!

There is a recurrent, mysterious figure in Wolf-Dieter Storl's books – Arthur Hermes. This book tells us who he was, what he taught and how he influenced the plant expert from the Allgäu.

Storl's memories of his mentor take us to the world of farmers, of traditional country folk whose knowledge of how to deal with animals and plants goes back to ancient times. Their lives were determined by an invisible energetic (ethereal), mental, and spiritual environment. And the »farmer philosopher« Hermes lived in exactly this world. In the 1950s he was capable of convincing farmers to switch to biodynamic agriculture, the foundation of many of today's Demeter farms. The fact that there are currently more than 7000 organic farms in Switzerland is partly owed to this almost forgotten pioneer.

A book about a time of new beginnings and about an extraordinary personality who significantly influenced the life of the famous author Storl.

Wolf-Dieter Storl: Cultural anthropologist and ethno-botanist. He has lectured at various universities and published numerous books that have been long-sellers. He lives on an isolated farm in the Allgäu.