Mushrooms from the Forest and from the City

Martina Meier, Gerry Amstutz, Maurice Maggi, Marionna Schlatter

  • A hymn to wild and cultivated mushrooms
  • Vegetarian recipes by creativity cook Maurice Maggi
  • Artistic mushroom portraits and expert knowledge
swiss gourmet book award 2024Deutscher Kochbuchpreis 2023Best in the World 2023
ISBN: 978-3-03902-223-6
Cover: Hardcover
Extent: 192 pages
Weight: 779 g
Format: 19.5 cm x 26 cm
91 colour photos, 4 illustrations, ribbon, word count: 15,693
Right sold: All rights available
39,00 EUR

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The fascinating world of fungi!

Mushrooms are mysterious. Martina Meier and Gerry Amstutz set out to explore the beauty and aromatic possibilities of these wondrous organisms. Creativity cook Maurice Maggi has assembled a composition of Vegetarian and Vegan recipes sorted by seasons that can be prepared with wild as well as cultivated mushrooms. How about an oyster mushroom and peach skewer, or a forest risotto with blueberries?

Accompanied by the profound knowledge of mushroom expert Marionna Schlatter and biological background information by Franziska Witschi, this book is a multi-faceted homage to the mushroom.

Martina Meier: Freelance photographer focusing on the areas of food culture, still life, interiors, and portraits.

Gerry Amstutz: Freelance photographer in Zurich. Nature is one of his sources of inspiration.

Maurice Maggi: Cook and author, graduate landscape gardener, and world plant expert.

Marionna Schlatter: Sociologist, National Councillor of the Green Party, certified mushroom inspector since the age of 15, instructor at the Swiss Association of Certified Mushroom Inspection Authorities (VAPKO).